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Wellness Suite Atlantis themed: romantic suite with jacuzzi for two with personalised water choreography and waterfall, sauna, chromo therapy... A true spa room!

The choice

The sea lights and underwater cliffs, the warmth of the indoor pool and the comfort of the sauna ... like the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis twirling between hot springs and buildings of solid stone, like fleeting shadows of mysteries submerged for thousands of years but always ready to capture the soul, like dreams escaped from the hands of those who were finally about to live them. Buried for centuries in the imagination of the world today Atlantis is back to life and lives between the fingers of those who can grasp it.


Wellness Zone
... with its marine lights and the well-being of solid underwater rocks; the warmth of the internal pond and the well-being of the sauna that will give you the same feeling as the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis who circled in the hot springs. The magic of finding yourself lying between walls of water, and everything your imagination will want to add to History to make it become ... Your story! The Mini pool has a scenic waterfall and an exclusive sanitation system. The customer has the right to decide whether or not to fill the tub at each entrance!

Lunch & Dinner
In front of the bed a comfortable table for lunch or dinner. Visit the "In-room dining" page found in the "Plus services" menu! You can view some of our culinary proposals. Our gastronomic specialties are a complete menu of high gastronomy recipes, fresh and immediately ready to be served on the table. First courses, second courses with meat and fish, sauces and side dishes prepared with skill by Chef Antonio Poli, former assistant of Gualtiero Marchesi, who first started the innovative technique of long low temperature cooking in Italy. The way to taste flavors and aromas of high gastronomy in the blink of an eye.


Motel K
via Valloni n° 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
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Fax... (+39) 0383 - 612095
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