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Motel K is able to offer a 360 degree service to its clients

Our services

  1. Indoor Breakfast room
  2. Room service for breakfast, lunch and dinner through the designated serving hatch, all to respect your privacy
  3. Different themed settings for every suite (Themed Suites)
  4. The possibility of ordering small personalised menus for special occasions on the website or directly at the reception by calling from your room and dialling "9" on the phone
  5. Depending on the theme, some suites offer background sound effects
  6. Dvd, Cd and Mp3 players
  7. Double Jacuzzi hot-tubs, located opposite the bed with patent Cleaning and Hygiene systems
  8. Round Shower in glass panels
  9. Turkish Bath Jacuzzi Shower
  10. Jacuzzi Showers with water jets
  11. Air Conditioning and dehumidifier systems
  12. >Mini-Bar
  13. Water Bed (only in the Tortuga Bay suite)
  14. Landline
  15. TV Hi Fi System offering a range of albums and musical genres
  16. Booking service from reception for outside the structure
  17. Garage in front of the room to guarantee discretion and further security for the client’s car
  18. Wellness suite offering Sauna and Bio sauna for 3 people
  19. Wellness suite offering Turkish bath Grotto and Chromotherapy
  20. Themed Jacuzzi pool for 4 people
  21. Suite with customizable lighting system, up to 41 shades of colours and remote control
  22. PAY TV and SKY channels

N.B. Some of these services are offered in all rooms, other are only present in some. To check which services are offered in the room you are interested in, please read the details in the relative data sheet


The entire Motel K area is a Wi-Fi area. Additionally the 11 rooms on the first floor are designed  for those on business trips, offering a more stable internet connection. Connect the internet cable from your PC to the LAN plug, which is on the desk in the room, to allow an easy connection without having to change your internet configuration settings. This service is free and the reception can supply the internet cable if requested.


Motel K
via Valloni n° 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
N 45° 0'21.16" Lat - 45.005884
E 8°55'17.08" Lon - 8.921425


Tel... (+39) 0383 - 61821
Fax... (+39) 0383 - 612095
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