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Hotel K

Welcome to our Hotel, ideal for business travelers and tourists, strategically positioned between Milan and Genoa, just a few kilometers from the vibrant city of Milan. Located along the A7 highway, just meters from the Casei Gerola exit, we offer a green and peaceful retreat, within easy reach of numerous businesses, ensuring a serene and comfortable stay in the heart of economic activity.

Facilitated solutions for businesses!

agevolatiWelcome to our Hotel K, where comfort and affordability come together to meet various business needs. Discounted rates ensure cost-effective stays, while the Room+Dinner packages allow you to savor the delights of our in-house cuisine. Offering complimentary room service, our guests can choose not to leave their rooms to satisfy their appetite after a long day of work.

For companies with multiple employees, we offer special deals ensuring competitive advantages and impeccable service. Contact us now for further details and to personalize your business experience.

Optic Fiber Wi-Fi up to 200M!


The entire area of Motel K offers full WiFi network coverage, but we want to ensure that our business guests experience maximum reliability during their stay. For this reason, the rooms are equipped with high-speed fiber optics, providing a 200 Mbps connection. This feature has been specifically designed to guarantee a stable and fast connection, meeting the most demanding needs.

To make the most of this powerful connection, simply connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi or LAN socket located on the room's desk. To ensure maximum security during browsing, our network is protected by a sophisticated Watchguard Firewall system. Our guests can thus enjoy a reliable and secure connection without compromising the safety of their data.

40 minutes from the Serravalle Outlet

serravalle cropped

Hotel K is conveniently located just a short distance away from the renowned Serravalle Outlet. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and luxury shopping, as our establishment provides an ideal base to explore this iconic shopping center.

The Serravalle Outlet, internationally acclaimed, hosts a wide range of high-fashion boutiques and prestigious brands, offering a unique shopping experience. After a day spent amidst the showcases of the most famous designer labels, return to our establishment to enjoy additional comfort. The tastefully decorated rooms welcome you with soft beds and a warm atmosphere, providing the much-desired relaxation with different themes.

An excellent stop for those planning to visit San Siro Stadium or the Forum di Assago

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Se siete appassionati di sport, in particolare di calcio, la nostra struttura è un'ottima base per immergervi nell'atmosfera delle partite allo Stadio di San Siro. Situati a circa 45 minuti di distanza dalla famosa arena calcistica, offriamo una posizione comoda per chi arriva da Genova, Piacenza o Torino.

Per coloro che apprezzano anche altri eventi sportivi e spettacoli, il Milanoforum è un'altra destinazione facilmente raggiungibile. il Milanoforum ospita una varietà di eventi, dai concerti agli spettacoli multimediali.

La nostra posizione a 30 minuti di distanza garantisce non solo la possibilità di un facile raggiungimento, ma anche di godere di un rapido rientro dopo giornate intense. 

Conrad Shooting Club shooting range

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We are just over a kilometer away from the shooting range of Casei Gerola, the Conrad Shooting Club. Easily accessible through a small road connecting our facility to its entrance, it is the ideal place for shooting sports enthusiasts. Providing a safe and controlled environment, the club stands out for its attention to detail and the passion with which it promotes the culture of responsible shooting. Equipped with the latest facilities and equipment, it welcomes both beginners and experienced shooters, offering personalized training programs and practice sessions to enhance the skills of each participant. The shooting range is affiliated with our establishment, providing a 10% discount on our room rates, including breakfast.

Cowboys' Guest Ranch Voghera

ranch cropped

The Cowboys Guest Ranch, located in Voghera (PV), offers an extraordinary experience in an ideal natural setting for Western riding enthusiasts and outdoor life. A short distance from the ranch, you will find Palatexas, a vast indoor arena with over 4,500 square meters of space and over 1,400 seats distributed in stands.

The ranch also hosts national competitions in Western riding specialties, including BARREL RACING, POLE BENDING, TEAM PENNING, providing spectators with the opportunity to discover the fascinating connection between the athletes and their magnificent horses.

The wide variety of events includes car and motorcycle rallies, dog agility competitions, dog shows, performances, competitive meetings, and the renowned VOGHERA COUNTRY FESTIVAL. Just a few steps away from us, immerse yourself in the engaging atmosphere of this charming ranch, where the passion for Western culture combines with unforgettable experiences in the countryside of Voghera.

Charging station for electric vehicles

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We care about your electric journey by offering you the opportunity to use our electric charging station, but only with a reservation made at least 24 hours in advance. This eco-friendly service is designed to provide you with an efficient power source for your electric vehicle when you need it.

Whether you are planning in advance or suddenly find the need to recharge, booking now ensures access to a convenient charging point. Our establishment is committed to providing you with sustainable and practical solutions.

Our Services!

MYK Digital Concierge

The Motel K introduces the new service called MYK Digital Concierge, which digitally connects the customer with various departments of the motel. Requests such as extra towel service, additional pillows, taxi bookings for a specific destination, not to mention all orders related to room service, are literally at your fingertips.

How it works:

  1. Request the codes for free internet access at the reception.
  2. Enter the room number and password to access and select the request from a menu including the most common services.
  3. Make purchases conveniently.
TV and Google Chromecast


Gemok Srl

Via Ricotti 5
27058 Voghera (Pavia)
P.IVA 02462320181
CIR Code: 018033-ALB-00002
Phone: (+39) 0383 - 61822


Motel K

Via Valloni 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
N 45° 0'21.16" Lat - 45.005884
E 8°55'17.08" Lon - 8.921425


Phone: (+39) 0383 - 61821
Fax:  (+39) 0383 - 612095