Motel K: How does it work?

Everything at Motel K has been designed to provide our clients -both in the workplace and in private - comfort in complete confidentiality; you will be able to pleasantly relax in a particular environment, where you can enjoy your free time in peace.

Have a taste of the unique feeling that we have been able to create between well-being and high technology: all our special effects and media have been designed and are controlled by a special computer system and power lines that will welcome guests in the rooms and accompany them during their stay; not to mention the prestigious collaborations with leading companies in their fields for the realization of the rooms.

What should I do?

It 's your first stay in a motel? No problem! Some quick indications will help your approach to the services.


Once inside, park your car in front of the entrance (near the bars); and go to the reception (you will see a window to the side of the entrance door). Give the receptionist documents of yourself and your partner.

According to your request or to the reservation you will be allocated a room (standard, suite, smoking, non-smoking ...); once you receive the key get back into the car and follow the instructions received at check-in, go through the avenue with the bar raised; finally park the car directly in the garage that shows the number of the room that the reception has assigned you.


Once you get in the car, follow the exit signs (USCITA) and pull over by the reception, (opposite the main entrance).

Get out of the car and approach the reception’s window: return the key, informing them if you have consumed anything from the mini-bar and pay the bill as you prefer (cash, credit card or ATM). Once the documents have been returned the bar will be raised and you can leave the structure.

For any information and / or explanations please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email , or even directly during your stay: our operators will be happy to provide all the necessary assistance.

These are just some of the many reasons to visit us, but it’s more fun to find "your" own reason, browse through our site and discover our Themed Suite, or directly join us in one of 8760 hours per year that we are open...


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