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Motel K servizio pallonciniIf colour and joy are on your desire list, If you always look for that youthful attitude that can make all troubles vanish with a laugh and make you feel as light as air, then why not fill your room with colourful heart shaped balloons, the effect is guaranteed!

Price € 20.00

Motel K servizio candele led

Transform your room with harmonies of colours, flickering light and a magical atmosphere: offering a more intriguing and romantic mood. Ask for our candles in suite service… an inviting experience and unforgettable occasion! If you then wish to purchase them, you have the possibility to buy as many candles as you want at your check out. They are Led candles and require batteries (not included).

Price € 28.00

Motel K servizio rosa rossaThis is the service for the lovers of that classic and evergreen feeling! Roses encompass all the different meanings of love that you want them to have, what meaning will you give it? And how many roses do you need to express it? Choose the quantity and colour you want, we are here to give voice to your emotions!

Price € 15.00 each

Motel K servizio profumatore ambiente aromiAll senses need satisfaction! They play a key role in making a rendezvous unforgettable... don’t forget to request our exclusive Fragrance diffuser service, to give the indelible touch to your stay!

Price € 10.00

Motel K servizio dedicaIf you can’t find the words to express what you feel, or you wish to write down words that you want to become eternal on paper, ask for Love note en suite service: express yourself in an original and personal manner, with the help of our staff!

Price € 15.00


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