F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions better known with the abbreviation FAQ.
When I register on the site I get the email to activate the username, but when I click on the link I get only a black page or I can’t get the confirmation email for the account activation. What should I do?
As our developers suggest, you're probably connected to a slow server. So it should be enough just to have a little patience and everything should be resolved. If the problem persists contact us again at nr. 0383.61821 and we will activate your account manually.
I haven’t fully understood the 10 hours concept!
I don’t understand how to book...
How do I book a themed room as I want it?
What is the difference between a junior and a senior suite?
Could you explain to me in more detail the booking online choice?


How do I book?

The uniqueness of each of our individual suites has compelled us to manage reservations in a very specific manner. To book for any day of the week, we accept phone calls starting from 15 days prior, from 9:00 AM onwards. However, you can also purchase one of our suites with the 'special occasion' package, even before the 15-day window, up to a month before the arrival date, which includes the suite and a special occasion menu.

Which documents are valid?
How does it work at the check-in?


Receipt and Invoice

At the collection of the advanced payment, we automatically print the receipt. Please communicate at the time of booking if an invoice is required.

Management of deposits
What time do I have to leave the room?
Charged as an overnight stay.
Numerous booking conflicts


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