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Motel K le Origini

1982 - The start of Motel K

Inspired by the first extravagant buildings, which at the end of the 80’s started appearing in Japanese hotel magazines: the idea was to give a concrete and truly alternative choice for those searching for a new and different place to spend time, relax and have fun. The first rooms (not really ‘Themed’) were built to offer, in addition to an above-standard level of comfort, a variety of colours and materials which distinguished the individual location. Right from the start, our clients could chose the colour of the location and enjoy services which other motels weren’t yet offering. The true goal however, was to offer the possibility of a journey through exotic or fantasy worlds, and even if it was starting to look possible it wasn’t yet fully accomplished.




1993 - The Gamble

Rooms in arabesque style with four-poster beds, mirrors and jacuzzis; rooms with starry skies or set in the Amazon forest. And also neoclassic style rooms or with echoes of the Far East. 1993: Enclosed in a building which resembled a flying saucer, like a strange extra-terrestrial flower, these first prototypes, despite the unsuccessful debut, surprisingly revealed themselves as a springboard for an unexpected change in the trend of Italian and even European hospitality.






2003 - The study and the improvement

Once the path had been mapped out it was the turn of a more detailed study. All revolving around the most important question: how can we make our guests forget the outside world, even if just for a short time? The first steps had shown the route to follow; now it was all down to organising the amount of study and suggestions. The result was the second generation of Themed suites: which meant larger spaces included state-of-the-art technology in the fields of hospitality and entertainment, advanced pay TV services, bigger Jacuzzis ( including the first mini-pool in the Maya room), sound effects and detailed studied lighting to enrich the atmosphere.





2007 - Innovation

Nowadays themed suites are furnished with double whirlpool bath tubs, mini pool, mini-bars, air- conditioning, PAY TV service with film premiers and much more. Some have mirrored ceilings lighting effects, waterbeds, visual and sound effects; others like the Fantasuite and the Wellness Suite even have a spa, pools with Jacuzzis, saunas and chromotherapy.





Motel K
via Valloni n° 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
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