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Design Rooms

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Like the Themed Suites also our Standard Rooms are comfortable and rich in setting and detail, ideal for long and short stays and for business trips... if that wasn’t enough we have some hidden pearls amongst the standards: the Design Standards, although maintaining the simplicity of the standard comfort these elaborated rooms give a hint to Modern Art with daring matching of colours and beautiful wall paintings.

Room's Identikit:

Suite Design's room
Guests per Room 2 guests
Size -
Rate from 0 to 10 hours € 59,00
Rate over 10 hours € 95,00
Rate per day € 95,00
Category Standard room Plus
Site Ground floor
Parking Reserved parking spot with tent, in front of the room
Theme Different colors
Distinctive features Interesting games of mirrors in a luxury room
Wellness -
Multimedia PAY TV, free WIFI for the ground floor rooms, free WIFI and ethernet for the first floor rooms

The choice

Our rooms are the example of design at the service of elegance and luxury, which aspire to give you comfort and relaxation: like our glass door wardrobe ,its sensor turns on an internal light the moment you lift the coat hanger. Another innovation, to improve our rooms and keep up to the standards you expect from us, symbolising how we take nothing for granted and don’t repeat ourselves and how the all things in life can hide small jewels.. small immense spaces like the new rooms that we have created for you.


Please remember that any stay which exceeds 05.00 a.m. will be counted as overnight. The SHORT STAY Rate is applied to a stay from 0 up to 10 hours. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: if exceeding 5.00 a.m. the stay automatically becomes an overnight (in which case the daily price will be applied regardless of the total amount of hours. This will allow the stay in the room to be extend until midday).


Motel K
via Valloni n° 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
N 45° 0'21.16" Lat - 45.005884
E 8°55'17.08" Lon - 8.921425


Tel... (+39) 0383 - 61821
Fax... (+39) 0383 - 612095
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